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James Van Dine's Bible Analyses

This work was produced in connection with Ph.D. studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. Its purpose is to develop the message of each book of the Bible by examining pertinent background information, placing it in its historical and theological setting, and analyzing it with respect to its literary structure and theological contribution to the canon of Scripture. It is not a commentary and so does not attempt to deal with the meaning of each verse or even every paragraph. What it does attempt is a development of the overall message of the book which in turn will aid in the interpretation of its smaller units.

The Message statement is the key to understanding what the book is all about. The analytical Outline is a full sentence, structural development of the Message statement in summary form. The Argument develops the Outline in order to show how the message unfolds. The Outline is only the skeleton that the Argument fills out. They should be read together.

While this is my own work, I acknowledge my debt to many others for their insights into the text of Scripture. I have endeavored to give due credit for those ideas to the extent that I am aware of and remember their origin.

This is the first version of my attempt to develop the message of the books of the Bible. It is still being edited and updated. One of the values of such a work is that it takes a consistent position with respect to the purpose and message of the Bible as a whole. It should be noted that the author views the Bible as God's infallible and inerrant revelation.

Jim Van Dine

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