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You can do a word search of the Sonic Light site using Google Search from your browser search window, by typing in: [your search word or words]. To find an exact phrase, put the search words in quotation marks.

When you generate a Google search, a list of linked "finds" is displayed showing where the particular words or phrase was found in all the files of the website. Links are provided to the files where words were found. The search results of the Notes pages opens the .pdf file at the beginning of each book when you click the link, so you need to copy the search word(s) and then re-enter them in the Acrobat/Adobe Reader "Find" feature in order to locate all the occurrences in each book.

The PDX index search, made with Acrobat in a stand-alone (non-html) environment, does not work online. To get the full advantage of an Acrobat .pdx index search, purchase the Expository Notes CD from Sonic Light (item TCN-100 under "How to Order"). Sonic Light's CD includes a .pdx index file that enables a complete word search of all 66 books of the Notes. This advanced search feature allows you to quickly find all the instances of any word or phrase included in the Notes throughout the approx. 8,000 pages. The Acrobat .pdx search results show a complete list of all the occurrences, book by book in all the books the search word(s) occur in, with links that go to the exact location in the Notes (not simply previewing the found words with surrounding text, but actually hyperlinking to each page of the Notes where the word/phrase is found).

Click here to see the .pdx advanced index search feature described. You need either Adobe Acrobat, or an Adobe Reader with the Advanced Search function, to use the .pdx index search.