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About Financially Contributing to Sonic Light

Sonic Light operates independently from any regular church support, or any organizational, foundational, or pledge-driven support, and is supported through product sales and donations. Because the website makes an annual net profit from sales, it is filed as a for-profit business (not a charity or non-profit entity). However, since the net annual profit is far less than the standard cost of living, anyone who would like to help support the website is encouraged to contribute to the website with a financial gift. Because of the for-profit status, financial gifts are non-tax-deductible.

       About half the sales profits go toward website operational expenses and royalties. The other half serves as business income and living expenses for the website operator, who is self-employed and receives no salary or hourly pay.  Being a self-supporting ministry and business, Sonic Light depends on visitors who buy one or more products or contribute a financial gift.    

      Nonetheless, by supporting us with a financial gift, be assured that based on God's promise, you will be given a special blessing from the Lord, knowing that "[His] word . . . shall not return to [Him] void" (Isa. 55:11).  Please contribute and keep this much accessed, faith-supported, Bible-teaching resource website, operational and online.

       Those who donate a gift can be assured that they will be contributing to:

1.  The promotion of the study of God's Word by more people throughout the world.
2.  Greater knowledge and understanding for believers of God and His Word.
3.  Strengthening each believer's personal faith in God.
4.  The advancement of Christ's kingdom in the world.
5.  Keeping the website operational.

To make a financial contribution to Sonic Light, please mail it to the following address, making your check or money order payable to "Sonic Light" :

Sonic Light
1410 Monterrey Dr.
Garland, TX 75042

Thank you and God bless you for contributing to this website.



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