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About Sonic Light

Thank you for visiting Sonic Light.

Sonic Light began in 1996 when a church member at Plano Bible Chapel realized that there was an enormous treasure of Bible study lessons on audio tapes that were not widely used, nor were they easily accessible in series form. These tapes were converted to a computer format where they could be easily accessed by others on the internet.

Dr. Thomas L. Constable

Over the years, hundreds of Bible lessons, most of them by Dr. Thomas L. Constable, were converted to the digital MP3 format; many of them are now available for free listening at this website, or they can be purchased on CDs (also known as Study CDs.)

In 1999, Dr. Thomas Constable began publishing his expository (Bible study) notes on Sonic Light for his students at Dallas Theological Seminary. These excellent notes are not only used by Dr. Constable's students, but they also receive thousands of visits per day from a worldwide audience. Beginning in 2002, these notes became available for PDA handheld platforms and have been very popular.


In early 2004, the original designer and first webmaster of Sonic Light referred to above, who prefers to remain anonymous, offered to transfer the website to Mark Farstad, a graduate of Moody Bible Institute. After several months of technical training, Mark took over the operation of Sonic Light as its new webmaster (in June 2004) and later that year bought the website.
    Mark grew up in Ecuador, South America, where his parents served as missionaries for over 20 years. He trusted in Christ at a young age in Ecuador's oriente (eastern lowlands). While growing up in Ecuador, Mark attended The Alliance Academy, a 12-grade school established in the early 1900s located in Quito, the capital city. After high school graduation in 1973, Mark studied at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, from where he graduated in December 1977. A few years later, he started working with his uncle, Dr. Arthur Farstad, on various Bible translation and Bible commentary projects.

Mark Farstad
Sonic Light

During the 1980s and 1990s, Mark worked as technical and editorial assistant to Dr. Arthur Farstad, well known for his role as chief NT editor of the NKJV translation. He assisted Dr. Farstad in the editing and production of the Believers Bible Commentary (authored by William MacDonald) on computer. Then in the early 1990s, Dr. Farstad started a modern-English Bible translation of his own, which he called Logos 21. Although the Logos 21 project was eventually discontinued when Holman Publishers took it over, a significant amount of Dr. Farstad's translation work was used and adapted by Holman Publishers for the HCSB translation. Sadly, Dr. Farstad didn't live to see the completion of the work he started, because he died in 1998 after a quadruple bypass.

(Some of Dr. Farstad's Bible teaching is available for online sample listening on Sonic Light under menu tab "Audio Lessons" [Hebrews (Farstad)]. Two of his teaching series, Hebrews and 1 Peter, are available on CD, and can be purchased under menu tab "How to Order".)

Sonic Light is both a ministry and business, not financially supported by any corporation, church, or organization—a "self-supporting" endeavor. Since there is no organizational or regular support, the website depends largely on website visitors or Bible students who benefit from using Dr. Constable's audio Bible Studies or expository notes, and either purchase Sonic Light's products or give a financial gift. Click here for more details on making a contribution.

Thank you for supporting Sonic Light. Please pray for this work, that it might bless many people; that God's Word will be used by this web site to teach and strengthen many believers in their faith; that people will grow in their knowledge of Christ through the audio Bible Study series by three teachers and Dr. Constable's Expository Notes.

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